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China quickly took notice of their victory streak, prompting widespread interest in the game there and cementing their place as the dominant team, continuing this pattern into Season Williams EsportsWilliams Esports is one of the world’s premier Formula 1…

World Elite Esports Team has long been a mainstay of Chinese esports scene, becoming famous worldwide after an amazing run at IPL5 2012. They went undefeated throughout that tournament without dropping one series, ultimately becoming champions.

China quickly took notice of their victory streak, prompting widespread interest in the game there and cementing their place as the dominant team, continuing this pattern into Season 3.

Williams Esports

Williams Esports is one of the world’s premier Formula 1 teams and its digital motorsports arm. Since the 1970s, its name has been associated with top-level motorsport competition and Williams has won 16 FIA Formula One World Championship titles (nine for constructors and seven for drivers).

The Williams team has quickly built a diverse community of partners for its esports programme, such as award-winning gaming PC manufacturer Chillblast, leading gaming lifestyle and product brand Razer and well-established technology company BenQ.

With an outstanding roster of elite sim racers such as Romain Grosjean’s R8G eSports team and Floyd ByKolles-Burst as drivers from real-life motorsports such as Floyd ByKolles-Burst from Floyd ByKolles-Burst Racing Esports (FBE), this team has quickly established itself as a premier racing esports organization.

Although established only recently in 2018, Williams Esports team has already reached audiences of millions and won multiple races and platforms since their inaugural race season in 2018. This season alone, they will participate in 10 different racing games!


Gen.G is a leading esports organization, fielding competitive teams in League of Legends, Overwatch, NBA 2K League, VALORANT and PUBG. Their aim is to set an international standard of excellence in global esports for new generations of gamers.

Gen.G is a pioneering esports organization and commercial thought leader, with an emphasis on education and DEI initiatives. Under the leadership of CEO Chris Park and newly promoted COO Arnold Hur, Gen.G is setting an inclusive and global path forward for esports.

Burberry has joined forces with Women In Esports (WiE) to produce a four-part video series which highlights women’s participation in esports as well as inclusivity within gaming culture. Panelists such as Emily Mei, Ploo and LatinX in Gaming’s Cristina Amaya along with Burberry VP of Diversity and Inclusion Geoffrey Williams participate in this four-part video series.

They have also joined forces with Elite Education Group to launch the Gen.G Elite Esports Academy this fall; an academy designed specifically to educate top gamers and aspiring professionals of all skill levels.


ESL is the world’s premier esports platform, hosting tournaments for popular games like League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone Warcraft and Rocket League. Furthermore, ESL assists its industry by advocating anti-doping regulations.

Team WE, previously known as World Elite, is one of China’s oldest esports organizations based out of Xi’an and known for their unbeaten run at IPL5. Their accomplishment was instrumental in altering the course of this game’s ecosystem.

As part of their first group stage matchup, they defeated KT A with an outstanding 3:0 series win. After beating several more teams during group stage play-offs and moving into playoffs, they defeated Frost easily during semi-final playoffs too.

G2 Esports have triumphed to win their domestic crown after an outstanding Playoffs run, qualifying them for MSI 2022 and qualifying as hosts. But can they overcome longtime rival T1’s challenge on home turf?

U.S. Army Esports

The Army Esports Team has proven an enormously effective means of recruiting active-duty troops; consequently, its goal is to acquire half a million active duty troops by 2020.

Call of Duty is an immensely popular game that challenges its players with quick reflexes and strategy-making skills, in addition to understanding its map and terrain.

Army members rely heavily on these skills, which help them become successful on the battlefield. Unfortunately, however, most members of society don’t fully grasp them – hence games such as Call of Duty’s use to educate them about what it takes to become a good soldier.

In July 2019, one member of Congress introduced an amendment to the House appropriations bill that would prevent military services from using congressional funds for “any video game, esports, or live-streaming platform.” Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez opposed this amendment and opposed its inclusion in the bill.