Where is the Largest Esports Arena in the World?

When it comes to esports, there are various venues around the world. Some are team-specific while others are more general; but all share one thing in common – they provide a platform where gamers can compete against one another in various video games.

In 2015, Esports Arena opened in Orange County, California as a massive facility that hosts video game tournaments. Participants receive prizes and points for participating in these events. With large screens, gaming stations, pub food options and an open bar area, this has become a popular hangout spot for both casual and competitive gamers alike.

Another esports arena worth visiting is Malmo Arena in Sweden. This facility has hosted numerous CSGO and LoL tournaments, such as the DreamHack Masters series. Furthermore, it hosts concerts and sporting events.

Though not specifically an esports arena, the SAP Center in San Jose, California has hosted multiple ESL Intel Extreme Masters events over the years. It boasts a variety of entertainment features like pro player autograph sessions and virtual reality experiences for spectators to enjoy. Furthermore, some of the biggest esports tournaments have taken place here with 12,500 attendees and over four million viewers watching from all around the US.

The Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai, China is another esports-friendly venue that has hosted major tournaments and events over the years. With 18k seats, it was host to both DOTA 2 International and 2016 Shanghai Major competitions.

Other esports venues have been built around the world, from college campuses to downtown cities. These spaces are intended for hosting video game tournaments in a range of titles.

These smaller esports arenas may not be as large as some of the biggest worldwide, but they still host some of the most thrilling and competitive tournaments you can attend. Some have been designed specifically for team use while others serve as general hubs where video game tournaments can take place on-campus.

These arenas are designed to be exciting and thrilling, featuring features like a gaming center, broadcast and production studios, retail and social spaces where fans can connect with other esports enthusiasts. Furthermore, there are areas where spectators can watch live action as well as take part in some of it themselves.

In the United States, three main esports arenas have been created to foster and develop video game development. These are Oakland, Orange County and Las Vegas locations.

Las Vegas’ esports arena has long been a sought-after destination for gamers, but they have now expanded beyond that to other locations as well. Now there are three locations within the United States and plans are underway to open more locations globally as the esports community grows.