Royal Never Give Up – Esports Team in China

Team members entered stage, beginning their There was only one RNG player present – xNovaRoyal Never Give Up has strengthened their presence in Chinese esports with the signings of Dale “signed” Tang and Ali “SWERL” Kobraee from Oceania…

Royal Never Give Up (RNG) recently expanded their roster with Dale “signed” Tang and Ali “SWERL” Kobraee, both veterans from 95X Esports who excelled in VCL Oceania Split 1. RNG expects these additions to add plenty of firepower to its ranks.

Team members entered stage, beginning their introductions. There was only one RNG player present – xNova.


Royal Never Give Up has strengthened their presence in Chinese esports with the signings of Dale “signed” Tang and Ali “SWERL” Kobraee from Oceania region to further bolster RNG’s roster prior to China’s new domestic league launch.

RNG started their group stage matches off strong, showing dominance against most of the competition. Unfortunately, disaster struck as team players tested positive for COVID one after the other, leaving only xNova eligible to play against Entity during their best-of-1 elimination match – twoGD previewed a scene wherein only xNova took to the stage against Entity while four teddy bears stood in for his teammates during an extended 102 minute fight wherein xNova scored multiple Roshans and amassed 131,000 gold leads throughout.


Rekkles has long been one of the premier AD Carry players in League history. While with Fnatic he won multiple LEC splits and placed second at Worlds 2018, but in 2021 left to join G2 Esports’ super roster.

Later he joined Karmine Corp to compete in the local league LFL; however, their season wasn’t particularly fruitful: during a winner’s bracket loss to LDLC OL 0-3, and finishing 2nd overall.

He recently posted a video discussing his struggles with his team. He attributes their troubles to poor synergy, with their confidence plummeting quickly. Furthermore, he spoke about teamwork’s significance within League and believes that they’ll become even stronger over time.


Royal Never Give Up have strengthened their roster by recruiting Kang “TRY” Tae-wook as coach, who previously led Alter Ego. TRY brings an exceptional combination of refined strategies and flawless mechanical execution skills that he brings with him from coaching Alter Ego.

Choi “inSec” In-seok is an experienced League of Legends esports player who most recently served as jungler for Winners. He made his debut at NLB Spring 2012 and helped his team defeat Light in the finals to earn a place in Azubu The Champions Summer 2012.

InSec is best-known for popularizing the Insec Kick technique, which involves ward-jumping behind an opponent during their second cast of Q and using Dragon’s Rage to kick them back towards your team with Dragon’s Rage. This became a mainstay in Lee Sin’s repertoire and is still considered an insane mechanical outplay by many casters today.


RNG entered MSI 2023 as one of the favourites, and they certainly delivered. Their playoff run went flawlessly without dropping a series despite dominating all opponents ranked lower than them; however, RNG struggled when up against lesser ranked teams that they faced off against more often.

When they came back into contention in the playoffs, however, they appeared disorganized against lower-ranked opponents – an issue they needed to address in order to win this tournament.

In order to solve this, they recruited Dale “signed” Tang and Ali “SWERL” Kobraee from Oceania as players with great characters like Dale’signed” Tang from Oceania who allowed for team growth and individual player’s roles they desired – key ingredients in their success!


Royal Never Give Up has expanded their roster by recruiting former Alter Ego player and leader, Kang “TRY” Tae-wook as coach. Tae-wook will assist RNG throughout their VCT 2022 campaign as well as throughout the rest of this season.

RNG have added several high-profile signings, with Dale “signed” Tang and Ali “SWERL” Kobraee both hailing from Oceania; among them is Ali who made waves during VCL Oceania Split 1.

Formerly competing for Dire Wolves, Mindfreak, and Wildcard Gaming, Xiaonuo brings years of experience to RNG. Joining forces with other veterans such as Dire Wolves’ Dire Wolves veteran is expected to give RNG an additional firepower boost.