OpTic Gaming – Esports Team

Hector Rodriguez established this esports organization in 2006 and remains its CEO to this day, making it one of the most successful esports organizations ever Team HistoryOpTic Gaming kicked off their Advanced Warfare season on a positive note by…

OpTic Gaming  Esports Team

OpTic Gaming is an American esports organization and serves as the parent company of OpTic Texas (Calderon League franchise) and other teams involved with Rocket League and Halo.

Hector Rodriguez established this esports organization in 2006 and remains its CEO to this day, making it one of the most successful esports organizations ever established.

Team History

OpTic Gaming kicked off their Advanced Warfare season on a positive note by winning first place at UMG Orlando and coming first at MLG Finals where they defeated Str8 Rippin before meeting Liquid in Winners Round 3.

Scump was an integral component to winning Masters Reykjavik in April, as well as taking home American Minor for Cologne Major.


Though they were successful online, FormaL’s green squad struggled at their first offline tournament. Due to inconsistent scrims leading up to competition day, their lack of cohesion became apparent on stage.

Before the Black Ops season started, the team made changes to its roster by recruiting MerK, BigTymeR, Rambo and ProoFy as new team members. Their new lineup was quickly effective – winning MLG Columbus 2011 before moving onto X Games as their second event of 2011.


OpTic Gaming was still one of the premier teams in Call of Duty, but a disappointing finish at MLG Columbus and defeat in ELEAGUE Season 2 left them wanting more. Merk and Raymond joined rookies Proofy and Crimsix to bolster their roster and help propel OpTic forward.

OpTic Gaming was victorious in Northern Arena Montreal despite squaring off against Heroic from Denmark; marking the beginning of an exciting new era for OpTic Gaming.


At the start of 2012, the team adopted a brand-new roster. Gone were Clayster and Karma in favor of FormaL and Crimsix who quickly proved themselves at multiple events this season.

Though the team was popular among fans, some felt disgruntled by its new direction and were angry with several changes made by new management. Eventually, Immortals bought out the team.


OpTic Gaming made an impressive comeback during the Black Ops season. Winning their inaugural LAN event and placing second at season finale was enough for them to prove they belong in top form.

Prior to the season, they added one of the best players in Modern Warfare 3 with Quantic Leverage roster – Scump. He proved instrumental at World Champs.


The Green Wall began 2014 strong with an elite Black Ops roster consisting of BigTymer, Nadeshot, Scumpi and Ricky. At UMG Philadelphia the team finished 12th place; later Scumpi decided to leave.

After winning Northern Arena Montreal, FormaL would explain that his team fell further behind due to not hanging out enough and scrimping as a unit which caused them to fall further behind competitors.


OpTic Gaming made an impressive start to their 2018-19 campaign at MLG Columbus by placing second. At ME Las Vegas, they went undefeated against ImPerium and Splyce to qualify for the Winners Finals.

Rise Nation and Aware NA fell to them quickly on their journey to reach the Grand Final, where they would face off against an impressive Team Kaliber squad that had made impressive gains since last year’s competition.

OpTic would dominate this series 3-0 to claim their second LAN title of 2018.


Team VENOM won ELEAGUE Season 2 as an underdog team with an incredible underdog run, led by entry fragger RUSH while NAF and Stanislaw served as crucial role players to the squad.

Our team qualified for the Cologne Major North American Qualifier but finished 5th-6th at the event. Additionally, this year they competed in two smaller LAN events.


OpTic Gaming made a strategic move ahead of Call of Duty’s launch by signing the gBots eSports Club roster to compete in ELEAGUE Road to Vegas Minor event and ultimately won it, qualifying them for major tournaments within months after this.

Rodriguez gradually distanced himself from the organization and focused on content production instead. Unfortunately, creating content doesn’t pay the bills!


OpTic Gaming put on an impressive showing at Northern Arena Montreal before their momentum was derailed at ELEAGUE Season 2, losing out to Heroic of Denmark.

Subsequently, the team parted ways with players zig and LemonNation; eventually placing ninth at the NA Academy Spring Split.