Ninjas in Pyjamas – Esports Team

NiP made their comeback to CS:GO after five years away with four players: F0rest, Get_right, Friberg and Soon thereafter they began winning matches, much to fans’ RosterNinjas in Pyjamas has long been recognized as a premier esports organization,…

Ninjas in Pyjamas  Esports Team

Ninjas in Pyjamas is one of the premier esports organizations worldwide. Based in Sweden, this highly recognized organization boasts teams competing across numerous popular games with an impressive record of world championship wins.

NiP made their comeback to CS:GO after five years away with four players: F0rest, Get_right, Friberg and Xizt. Soon thereafter they began winning matches, much to fans’ delight.


Ninjas in Pyjamas has long been recognized as a premier esports organization, known for its stellar Counter-Strike rosters. However, this company also fields teams dedicated to Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, and FIFA.

NiP has experienced recent struggles despite its success in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. One such sign was their poor showing in CS Pro League Season 7 Europe where one of their Golden Five members, Xizt, left leading to changes to its lineup.

CREA, Fifflaren, Fearoth, luckeRRR and Rhyme comprise the new roster at NIP Esports Club. Additionally, two veterans of Rocket League AZTROMICK and bemmz were signed as team players; their experience and aggression should help drive NIP towards high results in SAM region of RLCS competition. Their efforts will be supported by sponsors Panasonic LUMIX, Xtrfy and Republic of Gamers as part of NIP’s plan to become most valuable esports brand worldwide. Rebrand is part of NIP strategy to become one of most valuable Esports brand worldwide


NiP’s early days were anything but tranquil. Constant roster changes left its members uncertain of what role they would play on a particular match day and its early success relied heavily upon such instability.

NiP experienced some initial difficulties but over time found success and established itself by winning small events and building up its reputation. Since winning the 2001 Cyberathlete Professional League World Championship, they started attending more prestigious tournaments and competing against some of the best CS teams available at that time.

Potti disbanded the Ninjas in Pyjamas due to disputes with SK Gaming in 2005, recruiting veteran CS players Heaton, XeqtR, f0rest, Get_right, Friberg and Xizt to take on top competition in CS and eventually becoming dominant players themselves. This time around they would go on to dominate the scene.

Ninjas in Pyjamas was revived with a fresh roster upon the release of CS:GO, and now offers teams in CS:GO, Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege as well as previously having had Paladins teams in its roster.


Competitive video gaming is becoming more mainstream, creating lucrative sponsorship opportunities. The gaming industry has seen unprecedented growth with many non-endemic sponsors entering such as betting companies. Betway recently signed a six-figure sponsorship deal with Ninjas in Pyjamas of Sweden’s CS:GO league.

NiP has expanded their partnerships in 2022. They became the first esports organisation to partner with energy drink brand Red Bull and their logo will appear prominently on CS:GO jerseys for the BLAST Premier Fall Finals tournament. Furthermore, NiP stated that this partnership would extend across their rosters and is much more than simply having Red Bull logo displayed prominently on team jerseys.

NiP extended their partnership with gaming lifestyle brand Razer in June, signing a two-year agreement that allows the esports outfit to feature its products during livestream activations sessions as well as gain on-shirt branding rights, content usage rights and on-site branding at NiP’s gaming house.


NIP is one of the world’s premier esports teams. Established in 2000 with Counter Strike at its core, and an emphasis on learning; their motto has always been: ‘Never Lose, Always Learn. As they approach their 20th anniversary celebrations, their CEO assigned Motto(r) the responsibility for leading an internal brand transformation initiative that will see them through to the next 20 years.

Our work transformed NIP’s brand. By renaming, redesigning, creating new assets and launching a NFTs product while selling $600,000.00 worth of stickers in just one day alone, we helped propel NIP towards global leadership status.

NIP will partner with WWF to host a charity stream and raise money and awareness about climate change. All NFTs sold through this stream will contribute towards supporting WWF projects which aim to secure climate resilience for people, nature and wildlife alike.