MOUZ – Esports Team

Mouz quickly filled Kuroky’s role on the team with Troels’syndereN’ Nielsen who has proven both supportive and an invaluable leader outside of FATA-FATA- is well-known to Dota 2 He has played on numerous large teams and participated in…

MOUZ  Esports Team

Mouz, previously known as Mousesports in Germany, recently unveiled its rebrand with new name and heart-shaped logo created by Hamburg-based branding studio EIGA.

Mouz quickly filled Kuroky’s role on the team with Troels’syndereN’ Nielsen who has proven both supportive and an invaluable leader outside of games.


FATA- is well-known to Dota 2 fans. He has played on numerous large teams and participated in multiple Major tournaments; among these are mousesports, Cloud9, Team Liquid Ninjas in Pyjamas and Alliance.

Cloud9 relied heavily on him as an excellent solo mid player to qualify for premier-level tournaments and qualify as an elite roster. He played well on various heroes from Puck to Troll Warlord; unfortunately he wasn’t able to help their team win any tournaments during his time on Cloud9.

As an active GamerLegion member, he has performed admirably since joining. However, his performance with Complexity remains below par compared to what it used to be; therefore he needs to improve in order to become one of the top AWPers.


MOUZ or mousesports is a premier German eSports organization, boasting teams in all popular games. As the German record holder in Counter Strike and with multiple international championship titles to its credit, this team regularly participates in major tournaments worldwide renowned for their excellence.

The CS division of our organization is one of the oldest in existence. Starting off by competing in small tournaments, over time it has progressed into competing at larger events with prize winnings topping $3,600,000.

Recent years have been an up and down journey, yet overall the team has shown steady improvements. In 2019 alone it won the CS:GO Asia Championship and BLAST Premier’s Fall 2020 Showdown; finishing second at both. Unfortunately at EPICENTER their performance wasn’t stellar with them finishing 13th-16th; these disappointing results prompted various roster shuffles until finally it consisted of ChrisJ, Oskar Roppz, SuNny.


MOUZ is one of the oldest esports organizations in Europe and boasts teams in multiple games such as CS:GO and League of Legends. Their players have won numerous major tournaments as well as earned credibility with fans with high-level play.

MOUZ boasts an international team composed of highly seasoned players and is known for its strong draft. Comprised of veterans as well as rising stars, this roster offers both backline strength and strong AWPs for competitive matches.

In 2021, Karrigan decided to join FaZe Clan while SyndereN joined up with former Escape Gaming members 13abyKnight and Xcalibur along with Alliance veterans Akke and EGM to form Crescendo. Having won both European qualifier matches against Team Liquid they went on to qualify for the International, only falling short against them in their final match against them in their final matchup against Team Secret[15]. Eventually this team disbanded with Khezu and YapzOr joining newly formed Team Secret while others such as SyndereN and SyndereN joined Ninjas in Pyjamas’ inaugural event as Ninjas in Pyjamas [15].


The MOUZ – Esports Team sticker first made its debut in CS:GO on May 4, 2023 as part of the Paris 2023 Contenders Sticker Capsule update, and has become one of the most beloved items within CS:GO since. You can obtain it by opening or purchasing one in-game.

The new logo is more easily recognizable and more clearly conveys its message, featuring a vibrant red background to contrast with its mouse head and ears. By comparison, its predecessor was less identifiable, even leading some to suggest that it resembled something aquatic like dolphin.

Rebranding of the organization has been seen by fans as an encouraging sign, as the team has done well at recent tournaments. They placed in the top ten at various events this year and came close to winning major titles – although OG and Complexity ultimately defeated them during playoffs of PGL Stockholm Major.