Made in Brazil – Esports Team

The $MIBR Fan Token will provide fans with exclusive One such experience is the MIBR Arena – an innovative virtual stadium crafted after Rio de Janeiro Cityscape with immersive environments designed to offer fans a fresh CS:GOCounter-Strike: Global…

Made in Brazil (MIBR) is a professional eSports organization established by Paulo Velloso when he invested in his son’s Counter-Strike team. Their success has put MIBR on the map of international eSports competition.

The $MIBR Fan Token will provide fans with exclusive experiences. One such experience is the MIBR Arena – an innovative virtual stadium crafted after Rio de Janeiro Cityscape with immersive environments designed to offer fans a fresh viewpoint.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), designed and produced by Valve, is an online multiplayer first-person shooter with a large community and numerous game modes, becoming immensely popular and propelling it onto the esports scene. It boasts impressive graphical capabilities and an engaging physics engine for an enjoyable gameplay experience; in addition to offering an in-depth ranking system which lets players see their progress over time.

MIBR has recently made headlines in technology circles due to the launch of WIBR – Women in Brazil Talent Platform. This initiative provides opportunities for women and non-binary people within gaming and esports industries.

MIBR has made some noteworthy roster moves this year. Their former SK Gaming roster joined MIBR in June, bringing with it both experienced and promising players from SK. As a result, two majors tournaments have already been attended; however, JOTA will soon leave for Imperial Esports; thus starting their new season next week.


PUBG has quickly become one of the most acclaimed PC, mobile, and console titles worldwide. Credited with popularizing the battle royale genre and inspiring many clones – its creator Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene stands out as an interesting figure; originally modding Arma 2 before eventually being hired by game development firm Daybreak to develop their game.

PUBG stands apart from other esports titles by targeting an older audience specifically. The game contains graphic violence and sexual content. Furthermore, players can abuse each other via proximity chat – which could put children in particular at risk due to offensive and violent language being broadcast via this medium.

MIBR has undergone significant roster change this season after Stewie2k joined Team Liquid and his spot was taken over by TACO. Additionally, felps moved over to Global Loot League while finishing in 5-8 at Intel Extreme Masters XIII – Katowice Major 2019; nevertheless they’ve been doing very well recently, winning several minor tournaments while also gearing up for Hong Kong PUBG World Invitational 2019.


MIBR Esports Team in Brazil is widely-renowned and can be seen competing at most major international esports events. Their vast fanbase consists of over 220 thousand subscribers and 6.4 million followers on social media channels, and their recent tournament for RLCS Season 7 Championship drew an audience of 60,000+ in Newark, NJ.

This event featured an innovative partnership between ELEAGUE and its developer of the game being broadcast, and spectators both at Prudential Center in New Jersey as well as worldwide via YouTube and Twitch. Traditional broadcasting combined with first-person perspective gameplay footage as well as interactive features brought the action right into people’s homes and brought their entertainment closer than ever.

Turner’s ELEAGUE was established by cable television network TBS and talent agency WME|IMG in 2015 to bring mainstream audiences esports. Since then, it has become an iconic tournament producer as well as top producer of streamed and cable TV content.

PGL Major Antwerp

CS:GO Majors are one of the biggest events on the game’s calendar. They serve to determine which teams are considered the best worldwide and have become an essential element in its popularity. Every player dreams of competing at and winning one – it is every player’s wish come true to experience such an event! These tournaments often offer weapon skins and stickers for winners as prizes; making a large return for Valve.

This year’s PGL Major Antwerp tournament takes place at Antwerp Sportpaleis in Belgium, featuring 24 of the finest CS:GO teams competing for a $1 Million prize pool across three stages: Challengers, Legends and Champions.

MIBR was an unexpected standout at this tournament, beating Heroic, FURIA and FaZe Clan to earn their place at the event. Their success can largely be attributed to an outstanding showing in Europe RMR tournament where they went 3-0 and won its final. After that they defeated Ninjas in Pyjamas to advance to Legends stage.