J Team – The Best League of Legends Esports Team in Taiwan

They boast an outstanding team with talented top laners and mid For The WinFor The Win is the ideal team to join for competitive gaming action, offering players from multiple disciplines-from League of Legends’ top tier to StarCraft II’s…

J Team, based out of Taiwan, is an esports team competing in League of Legends. Competing at the highest professional league level – League of Legends Masters Series – J Team have proven themselves time after time by winning multiple titles – becoming one of the leading teams in Taiwan.

They boast an outstanding team with talented top laners and mid laners.

For The Win

For The Win is the ideal team to join for competitive gaming action, offering players from multiple disciplines-from League of Legends’ top tier to StarCraft II’s entry tiers-and boasting an expansive fanbase as well as an innovative marketing plan with a comprehensive public relations department specializing in social media strategy.

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), is an organization known for winning some of the most prestigious competitions across Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Over time it has built up an excellent reputation with players having quality play with impressive prize pools; thus earning CLG entry to LMS Masters series to show its appreciation.


J Team is a professional esports organization owned by JY Entertainment with players competing in League of Legends and StarCraft II esports tournaments. Their League of Legends team currently competes in the Pacific Championship Series – Taiwan Hong Kong Macau Southeast Asia’s highest professional League of Legends tournament.

TPA’s main roster comprises “Morning”, an experienced mid laner; beBe as an AD Carry; and DinTer as their jungler – who have combined to win both Winter and Spring Splits of GPL competition since 2012.

At the 2014 GPL Winter, they competed and triumphed once more, winning all their group stage matches and ultimately outlasting Insidious Gaming Rebirth (3-0), Saigon Fantastic Five (3-1), and ahq (3-0) to become champions once more.

FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix is an esports organization founded in 2017 that features teams in League of Legends, Fortnite Battle Royale, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant. Owned by Chinese game developer FunPlus, their teams are comprised of professional gamers from these four titles.

They are best-known for their success in LPL, where they entered competition prior to 2018 season and quickly secured a world title within only two years of joining.

GimGoon, Lwx and Crisp are their primary players while Tian and Doinb provide additional flexibility – these three players can switch between jungler and mid lane depending on what role is necessary in any given matchup.

FPX are one of the strongest European teams. They won VCT 2022: EMEA Stage 1 Challengers in March 2022 and remain undefeated at this point.

JD Gaming

JD Gaming, one of the newest entrants to LPL, boasts a large roster of players such as Kanavi, Zoom, Yagao and LokeN. Their success at Demacia Championship 2017 provided them with their inaugural competitive win, promising great things for their future competitive championship efforts.

JDG’s teamfight style is defined by an aggressive Baron that catapults them quickly toward victory. Their first Baron rate of 71% leads the league, even surpassing Top Esports at 68%, and their Baron control rate also tops it all.

Teamfight Titans are well known for their even and uniform damage distribution among their players, more even than that seen with Invictus Gaming or Top Esports. While their players tend to focus around jungler Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok for most games, they also utilize lanes efficiently while leading engages based on which champion is being played that game.

Team Weibo

Team Weibo has made their mark in League of Legends since 2016. As a Chinese esports team, they have won many matches and established an excellent reputation with fans and players alike. Their main objective is to cultivate positive associations within their community and turn them into loyal followers of their brand; their organization and teamwork continually evolves as their members work hard towards victory in every match played; this makes them popular choices among fans and players alike, including being hardworking individuals with passionate players that strive to win each and every game played – solid team they will prove hard to beat every day; to witness them live watch them play on Twitch or watch their matches online with Twitch or YouTube!