Invictus Gaming – Esports Team at TI8

IG caused quite the sensation among League players when they unexpectedly won the World Championship in Since then, they have made waves across multiple esport Team HistoryInvictus Gaming are an aggressive team of They’ll come out swinging,…

Invictus Gaming  Esports Team

The Duke of Sussex’s International Sports Event for injured, injured and sick servicemen and women will explore esports through an activation from H20 Esports Campus of Amsterdam. H20 will deliver League of Legends activation at their campus.

IG caused quite the sensation among League players when they unexpectedly won the World Championship in 2018. Since then, they have made waves across multiple esport titles.

Team History

Invictus Gaming are an aggressive team of fighters. They’ll come out swinging, throwing themselves at opponents with full force. Purists may find this tactic annoying; but IG won’t back away from a brawl!

IG endured an unusual roster rotation in 2018 that saw players joining and leaving at unpredictable intervals, leading them to perform poorly at major tournaments such as Dota 2 Asia Championship and eventually The International where they made Top-18.

IG lured four members away from LGD, one of the premier teams in China. Dubbed iG.Y, their new squad seemed primed to dominate in China; unfortunately that did not pan out and they eventually lost to KT Rolster in the quarter-finals. Faith made headlines on this squad thanks to his fierce plays as both Templar Assassin and Shadow Fiend; Faith would stay with iG for two years before departing to join Newbee; unfortunately AD Carry trainee Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo did not bring anything close to his predecessor’s success on LPL stage either.

Roster Updates

Invictus Gaming had been mired in an extended slump over the past two years and decided it was time for change. They promoted several academy players while recruiting new talent as well. Top laner YSKM joined from PCS team Frank Esports while Gideon and Dove from KT Rolster joined as well.

The organization also welcomed mid laner Heng from Young Miracles of LDL as well as bot lane duo Hope and Iwandy from JDG ADC who participated at Worlds.

The rest of the team remained unchanged; Jungler Tang “Zika” Hua-Yu and Support Zhang Yue-Kai will continue competing for their org, alongside Irving (formerly from iG Vitality and Team MagMa rosters), who is an avid supporter of champions like Fiora, Irelia and Jax.

Upcoming Events

Invictus Gaming will compete at this year’s TI8 tournament from 8-25 August, drawing interest from bookmakers such as Betway who recently signed an official jersey sponsorship agreement with Invictus Gaming.

The Invictus Games was established by Prince Harry to use sport to foster recovery, support rehabilitation and create greater understanding amongst those who serve their nation and those they leave behind. Held every two years, it features an event where sports can help inspire recovery, facilitate rehabilitation and foster greater awareness for those involved with military service. The Games take place annually.

This year’s games are taking an unconventional approach to esports: H20 Esports Campus of Amsterdam will provide a free-to-access esports tent at The Hague 2020 that offers MOBAs and Mario Kart among many other titles; additionally, The Invictus Games Foundation plans on opening up a Discord community soon in order to facilitate regular gaming as a form of healing through esports – with two hours of livestreamed coverage per day from their Twitch channel H20 Esports Campus Twitch channel!


Invictus Gaming is a multi-game esports organization with teams in League of Legends, Dota 2, and more. One of the first organizations to promote Chinese professional esports. Their roster features both veteran players as well as promising rookies.

IG has had an outstanding season this year. Their regular seasons finished 3rd place both Spring and Summer regular seasons and they defeated Team WE to claim victory in Summer playoffs. Baolan returned from being benched for half a month to help his team, and was recognized as King of Assists during this summer season.

The organization recently signed a sponsorship deal with American carmaker Chevrolet and will feature their League of Legends roster in commercials for their Tracker SUV model, as well as Weibo campaigns promoting both brands and products. This is an immense win for esports organization!