Gank Gaming – Esports Team

Gank is revolutionizing the gaming industry by giving gamers a way to monetize their time while they game, providing more sustainable incomes for streamers and influencers through their StreamingStreaming games is an excellent way to build an audience and…

Gank Gaming  Esports Team

Gamers using Gank Gaming can hire Gamepals on an informal marketplace and complete services via chat or screen share. Furthermore, this platform enables them to make extra income through streams and content creation.

Gank is revolutionizing the gaming industry by giving gamers a way to monetize their time while they game, providing more sustainable incomes for streamers and influencers through their platform.


Streaming games is an excellent way to build an audience and increase engagement. Online multiplayer games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Dota 2 allow you to demonstrate your talents while entertaining viewers.

One of the main advantages of streaming is its interactive nature; not only can you make money this way but you’ll meet new fans and foster an atmosphere of community as a bonus!

Gank Gaming – Esports Team provides streamers with various services, such as live chat support and game audits. In addition, they provide an after Gank 10-minute video recap called Service apres Gank that helps keep up-to-date on League of Legends updates.

Gank Gaming – Esports Team also provides an app that makes earning money streaming games easy and effortless. Free to download, this tool works in tandem with Gank Gold service to boost earnings even further and allows real-time tracking and deposit into an e-wallet of choice.


Gank Gaming-Esports Team offers coaching services for gamers looking to improve their game. Coaches are available to assist gamers with game theory, strategy and tactics among other areas.

When choosing a coach, it is important to take their credentials and experience into consideration. A good esports coach should have professional esports experience and offer their insights into the industry.

Experience is also key when looking for a coach. If they have had great success playing Overwatch, chances are good they’ll be able to assist in reaching your goals more quickly.

League of Legends requires skilled coaches on your team in order to remain competitive, so having one who can provide guidance is absolutely vital. A skilled coach will bring fresh perspectives to your game and make sure that you’re performing optimally.


Esports sponsorships present businesses with an innovative opportunity to reach audiences and build partnerships that benefit both parties involved and will allow their brand to stand out among its competition.

Gank Gaming- Esports Team offers various sponsorship opportunities. Their partners have included Intel, Coca-Cola and Red Bull.

Sponsors also benefit from having exclusive access to player data, which enables them to target specific demographics with ads for greater impact and create more genuine relationships.

Gank Gaming hosts tournaments and events featuring multi-million dollar prize pools that provide players with an excellent opportunity to build extra income while honing their skills and meeting like-minded individuals. These tournaments give participants a great chance to make extra cash while learning something new and gaining new experiences.


Gank Gaming – Esports Team in Shenzhen offers an impressively large selection of branded esports gear including T-shirts and Hoodies. Furthermore, their customer service and quality has proven itself in previous visits – something physical retailers cannot always guarantee.

Pioneer of gated monetisation, their brand new app allows content creators to accept donations, manage memberships and sell merchandise directly to fans and followers of their content creators. Furthermore, the company has formed partnerships with some of the brightest minds in business such as Anime Festival Asia to grow its fan base further.

Gank and we have joined forces to offer 25 lucky winners an exclusive Gank Gaming-Esports Team jersey! Just use the #SEM9GANK hashtag on Instagram or Facebook and you will be entered. Winners will be announced August 15th!