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G2 Esports was initially founded as Gamers2 on February 24th 2014 in Spain by former League of Legends professional player Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez G2 Esports is a professional esports Esports is one of the premier esports teams in…

G2 Esports  Esports Team

G2 Esports are one of the premier League of Legends teams in Europe. They won the 2016 Spring Split while knocking off EU powerhouses Fnatic and Origen in the playoffs.

G2 Esports was initially founded as Gamers2 on February 24th 2014 in Spain by former League of Legends professional player Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez Santiago.

G2 Esports is a professional esports team.

G2 Esports is one of the premier esports teams in Europe, specializing in multiple games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Hearthstone. Based out of Berlin in Germany.

G2’s greatest triumph came in 2022 when they won the BLAST Premier: World Final, featuring some of the finest teams worldwide. This win provided G2 with a significant boost and proved they could compete with some of the greatest competitors globally.

Losing Carlos Rodriguez may have been devastating for G2, yet Alban Dechelotte has taken over as CEO and is setting an exciting path ahead for their organization. His aim is to transition away from relying on competitive success for revenue and move more directly toward consumer-direct retailing; last year they started this journey by creating an app with gamified features to make purchasing team merchandise simpler.

G2 Esports is based in Berlin.

G2 Esports, located in Berlin, Germany is an elite eSports organization boasting teams in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, PUBG Rocket League Vainglory and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. G2 has established themselves as one of the youngest but most successful organizations within eSports; winning multiple championships and breaking various records within just their short existence.

G2 is owned and operated by Tier One Entertainment, an established video game publisher specializing in competitive gaming. They also run mobile gaming divisions as well as providing top-of-the-line merchandise and events.

G2 Esports made headlines recently with its partnership announcement with CSGORoll, via an animated promotional video which displayed players in a stylised casino environment. However, this move caused much debate regarding its legality and has led to much contention regarding G2 Esports’ legal standing as a team.

G2 Esports is a German team.

G2 Blacklist boasts one of the strongest rosters in CS:GO, featuring some of its most talented players like ShahZam and dapr from Sentinels squad; Wippie Penny from Version 1; OXY from Dark Ratio as well as OXY himself have joined this organization.

G2 has started 2023 strong, defeating Natus Vincere and BIG without dropping a map during Blast Premier Spring groups to qualify for Spring Expansion tournament. They then easily overcame Heroic in quarter-finals to advance 3-1 into semi-finals.

G2 are well known for their late game teamfighting and split second decision making, making them hard teams to play against in series. G2’s consistent domestic dominance earned them the title of best team in Europe; their style has even been compared with more aggressive playstyles seen among NA teams. But their organization has recently taken steps toward moving away from dependence on competitive success towards creating direct-to-consumer models of business.

G2 Esports is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team.

G2 Esports has made its inaugural foray into women’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with G2 OYA. The roster features returning veterans Julia “juliano” Kiran and Zainab “zAAz” Turkie who both spent two years on the scene together before leaving to join XSET and then Valorant respectively.

The new team is competing in Group F of the VCT Game Changers Series 1: EMEA tournament and have already scored victories over ENCE and NIP during their initial matches.

However, due to recent struggles in their performance, Outsiders have fallen further behind their rivals such as Team Vitality, Cloud9, FaZe Clan and Outsiders. Team Vitality currently lead this race for four event victories before season’s end and must win three of nine tournaments before this goal can be accomplished – yet coach Damien’maLeK’ Marcel believes they still possess enough potential to achieve more event victories before reaching fourth position on this scoreboard.