Flash Wolves – Esports Team From Taiwan

RRQ defeated Flash Wolves in both Games 1 and 2 thanks to Chan “Cookie” Yun-shang playing Riven and Sean Khierby “Helios” Palisoc playing Their victory gave RRQ an early 2-0 advantage in the More Than…

Taiwanese team Flash Wolves have made their triumphant return to League of Legends competition, having long represented PCS region in tournaments.

RRQ defeated Flash Wolves in both Games 1 and 2 thanks to Chan “Cookie” Yun-shang playing Riven and Sean Khierby “Helios” Palisoc playing Zed. Their victory gave RRQ an early 2-0 advantage in the series.

1. Betty

Female-Founded. Community-Powered. More Than A Kit.

Drawing inspiration from skate culture, this New York City-set series follows an eclectic cast of “betties” as they navigate a male-dominated world of skating. Produced and written by Crystal Moselle of Skate Kitchen fame (Dede Lovelace, Nina Moran and Moonbear are among those cast).

Betty stands out on Flash Wolves’ roster as one of its most reliable players with a KDA Ratio of 4.8 and CS per minute of 9.3. Additionally, he ranks within the Top 20 Kill Participation rate with 70% kill participation rate.

Betty is best known as Kai’Sa, although he also plays Ezreal and Varus during his career. Betty is revered by all for his unrivalled skill and teamwork, making him an invaluable member of Flash Wolves. Furthermore, his high skill cap makes learning quick.

2. ShiauC

As their key junglers are leaving to join other teams, this will place significant pressure on those joining to fill those roles and perform.

ShiauC has an excellent chance at standing out in this lineup as an expert jungler with a high KDA ratio and CS per minute average.

He has helped carry Flash Wolves through some matches with his Nautilus play and Tahm Kench’s champion status; Galio has shown moderate improvement compared to his initial KDA figure (1.8 KDA), but will still make Flash Wolves stronger overall in time.

3. Hung “Karsa” Hua-hsuan

Western League of Legends fans often think of Asian teams when considering them – particularly Taiwanese organizations such as T1, Invictus Gaming or Flash Wolves. Karsa and Maple’s performances helped cement them as beloved heroes by millions worldwide.

At international tournaments, this team was an unflappable threat, particularly at the 2021 Worlds, where they won both of their T1 seeded games – including at the Wild Rift Latin America Open first seed T1. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to qualify them for the knockout stage; but this season Crescent, former coach for Fun Plus Phoenix and DAN Gaming is back as coach; already his influence can be felt throughout their early games this year.

4. Tian “Maple” Ye

Tian “Maple” Ye is an integral component of Taiwan’s Flash Wolves success as their top laner, using his champion pool to pressure other lanes while opening opportunities for his teammates through his superior laning and teamfighting abilities.

Flash Wolves might rely on his expertise as their macro master to have a successful run at Worlds this year. He ensured their game plans against Tigers last year and SKT T1 at Mid-Season Invitational were properly executed.

Flash Wolves were back to full strength against AHQ in the final, after having experienced an underwhelming 2015 Spring season. Although still one sided, at least their offense was firing on all cylinders!

5. Chopper

Taiwanese team boasts a large champion pool that makes them adept teamfighters. Additionally, their laners know how to push side lanes aggressively; team compositions easily lead them toward victory.

But the team still has work to do. Though once dominant in their region, losing A&J Team and falling out of MSI playoff contention left them in an uncomfortable situation.

They found new hope with Bugi, who joined their ranks at the end of 2018. While not quite on par with Karsa in terms of KDA Ratio or CS per minute performance, Bugi certainly shows enough promise to help carry forward Flash Wolves forward; and could prove invaluable at tournament.