Evil Geniuses – Esports Company Profile

EG has amassed an elite roster, featuring 2019 Spring Split MVP Svenskeren and former Team Vitality mid laner Jiizuke, in addition to supporting players such as Bang and Zyzal who provide essential top lane EG’s commitment to DEIEG has…

Evil Geniuses  Esports Team

EG has come under scrutiny from multiple sources for their actions in League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Richard Lewis and Duncan Shields published reports, while The Last Free Nation podcasted their podcasts regarding them.

EG has amassed an elite roster, featuring 2019 Spring Split MVP Svenskeren and former Team Vitality mid laner Jiizuke, in addition to supporting players such as Bang and Zyzal who provide essential top lane roles.

EG’s commitment to DEI

EG has made diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) the cornerstone of their business strategy. Their dedication to DEI extends from hosting Gaming Youth Camps and Genius Summits that nurture next-gen talent to fighting to make esports more representative of gamers across demographic lines. Furthermore, EG actively partners with OS NYC and Stay Plugged In organizations in support of DEI initiatives in their local community.

In the spring, EG acquired notable players such as 2021 Summer Split MVP jungler Svenskeren, dynamic former Team Vitality mid laner Jiizuke and former Cloud9 Academy top laner Kumo. Their hard work paid off, as the team finished 4th overall at MSI.

EG’s partnerships

EG Innovations collaborates with an international network of technology companies, value-added resellers, and system integrators to deliver best-of-breed performance management solutions. Attentive to gender, race, and orientation diversity issues; Gaming Youth Camps; Genius Summits; Press Forward Diversity Equity Inclusion events are some ways EG Innovations supports next-gen talent cultivation efforts.

EG earned first place in North America’s LCS league during 2022 by defeating Cloud9 3-1 in the grand finals and boasted an elite roster that included 2019 summer split MVP jungler Svenskeren and former Team Vitality mid laner Jiizuke – two key members for any competitive league team.

EG is one of the largest Scandinavian IT companies with thousands of clients in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. As a privately owned enterprise that prioritizes growth and bottom line results, they possess enough size and muscle to manage everything themselves; yet opt instead to partner with select solutions in specific areas – Multi Support proudly being one such partner.

EG’s branding

EG is one of the oldest and most established organizations in esports. With three teams competing at different tiers in various games, as well as fielding players across various other titles to increase experience and revenue streams, this organization boasts three teams currently competing against one another as well as recently acquiring Carpe Diem and Party Astronauts CS:GO teams for future expansion.

Even after falling short at The International 2015, EG is poised to have an incredible season ahead. Their new roster features an experienced blend of veterans and youthful players focused on building team chemistry; their goal this year will be winning several events to secure a top 8 finish by year’s end.

EG has also been at the forefront of efforts to ensure gender, race, and orientation diversity within esports as a whole. Their Gaming Youth Camps and Genius Summits serve to nurture next-generation talent; leading this movement forward by making esports more inclusive. EG are proud of being part of this movement!

EG’s leadership

The company puts an emphasis on cultivating talent within the next generation of gamers by hosting Gaming Youth Camps, Genius Summits and other events dedicated to nurturing this area of talent. They also support diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within esports industry.

EG has always taken an innovative approach to business. This can be seen through their many sponsorship deals with notable firms like Monster Energy, LG Ultra Gear, America’s Navy, Motorola and Secretlab.

In 2015, EG won third place at The International tournament; however, that result was not enough to keep their team intact; after TI, ppd and Fear left to pursue other career goals, their positions were filled by Arteezy, SumaiL, UNiVeRsE zai and Cr1t-.

EG enjoyed an extremely successful year, winning several tournaments such as MLG T.K.O America, JoinDOTA League Season 1 America and ESL One Frankfurt-American Qualifiers. However, at The International 2019, their performance wasn’t so stellar; placing 9-12. As such, roster changes were necessary; S4 and Fly were added after Misery and Fear had left due to contract expiration issues.