ENCE eSports

Finnish organization Telia, ASUS, Red Bull, Jimm’s PC Store noblechairs Bitfactor and Nitro Casino have joined forces to form a partnership, with this team taking part in ESL Pro League Season 16 scheduled to start ENCE CS:GOMany weren’t expecting…

ENCE eSports

ENCE eSports, representing Finland in competitive Counter-Strike, boasts several of the finest players available today including legendary CS:GO player Serral. Additionally, they boast a StarCraft 2 roster.

Finnish organization Telia, ASUS, Red Bull, Jimm’s PC Store noblechairs Bitfactor and Nitro Casino have joined forces to form a partnership, with this team taking part in ESL Pro League Season 16 scheduled to start September.


Many weren’t expecting ENCE to reach the final of IEM Katowice, yet this remarkable team did just that and won over thousands of Counter-Strike fans while creating one of the most amazing esports stories in history.

ENCE boasts a formidable roster, led by Aleksi “allu” Jalli. Each member of this Finnish squad brings different skillsets that complement one another perfectly and create an unstoppable force that poses serious threats to opponents.

One such instance occurred against Astralis on Train in the semifinals. Aleksib had an incredible read of the round; he knew Astralis would attempt an outer execute and that they had xseveN lurking at Ivy. Thus he set up an impressive pick and fast paced execute that allowed them to win it easily.

At the end, ENCE triumphed 19-17 to advance to the Champions Stage. Their next task was to defeat G2 Esports; they achieved this with 16-13 and 16-10 victories respectively on Dust 2 and Mirage respectively. Finally came Astralis in Spodek Arena; all involved gave an exceptional performance during ENCE’s inaugural Major playoffs run under their new roster’s watch.


ENCE is one of Europe’s premier AWP teams. Renowned for their high-calibre players and strong connections with fans, this team collaborates with several popular brands including Telia, ASUS Republic of Gamers Wolt Red Bull noblechairs Bitfactory Jimm’s PC Store Nitro Casino among many more. In addition, they have also participated in multiple esports competitions and events.

Even though ENCE is only just starting up, Finnish gamers have already accomplished significant victories at major tournaments such as Lantrek and Assembly Winter 2014 within one year of each other. Furthermore, they participated in EMS One Katowice 2014 – Nordic Regional Finals where they placed 3rd-4th.

Hades joined ENCE as a stand-in in 2021 and quickly made the team permanent following outstanding performances at Funspark ULTI Europe Playoffs and ESL Pro League Season 14. Hades also led them to victory against Cloud9 on their map pick Anubis at BLAST Madrid.

Hades employed several ingenious strategies during the match to alter the established meta. For instance, he deployed a sniper as T-side, and had Sergej throw smokes long to reduce device’s trade potential while increasing his own; these moves enabled ENCE to win round one and gain an early edge.

ENCE Academy

After becoming well-known in first-person shooter esports, Finnish organisation ENCE has expanded into MOBAs with the formation of an academy team. Not only are they hoping to find some promising young talent that may eventually join their main squad, but they’re also hoping to foster local scene that may otherwise lack support.

The Academy roster features an all-Finnish lineup including players like Veeti “S1rva” Sirva, Paavo “podi” Heiskanen and riflers Ville “myltsi” Vilkman, Henri “HENU” Ylilehto and Youssef “juissi” Adam. George “Whitey” White recently left his previous position coaching UK esports organization Endpoint’s academy initiative before joining this squad as coach – leaving his former role coaching Endpoint’s academy initiative alongside them! George “Whitey” White also joined as coach.

The academy team has already made an impressive start, earning two wins during its initial rounds of wePlay’s Academy League events. Furthermore, they are working closely with educational institutions in Finland to expand the scene further and introduce more students into esports through practical experience. This approach could serve as a useful model for other organizations; ENCE’s willingness to go beyond the typical academy project model will be watched closely over time.