Cloud9 – Esports Team

North America had never witnessed anything like League of LegendsLeague of Legends is a five-on-five MOBA developed by Riot This game boasts a diverse set of character classes with their own set of unique Gameplay can be…

C9 offered teams an unpredictable challenge thanks to its deep champion pool, precise playmaking and strong decision-making. Teams never knew what they’d encounter when facing C9. From flawless two-way pushes and daring teamfights to swift two-way pushes or bold initiating pushes – C9 consistently outwitted its competition and came out victorious.

North America had never witnessed anything like them.

League of Legends

League of Legends is a five-on-five MOBA developed by Riot Games. This game boasts a diverse set of character classes with their own set of unique abilities. Gameplay can be quite complex as players make decisions concerning character progression, itemization and mechanical team fighting; all this at lightning speeds!

Every match, or “match,” in Nexus has one goal – to destroy an opposing base, known as the Nexus. Each player selects their champion during “champion select,” where there are over 100 free-to-play champions available and additional ones that can be purchased with in-game currency.

Cloud9 Esports Organization, led by CEO Jack Etienne, is one of the world’s leading esports teams. Fielding teams for League of Legends, CS:GO, Rocket League, Hearthstone Smite and Super Smash Bros amongst others; currently competing in Valorant Ignition Series competition.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (abbreviated CS:GO) is an online tactical first-person shooter featuring two teams, known as Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, competing against each other in various objective-based game modes. Players can compete either on official Valve servers or community-hosted servers with custom maps and game modes; it features pistols, shotguns, SMGs and rifles as well as several types of grenades for added spice!

This game received rave reviews upon its initial release and quickly garnered a significant player base, quickly becoming one of the most-played titles on Steam and becoming an integral component of esports competitions. Co-developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was made available for public purchase on August 22, 2012. This marks its fourth major installment in the Counter-Strike franchise.

Interz is one of the top North American aimers on C9 CS:GO team and has been an essential element in its success over time. However, his performance started to decline last year and was eventually benched for the remainder of 2022.


Hearthstone’s esports scene has had a troubled past. Being designed as a casual first and competitive second game, Hearthstone presents challenges when competing at tournaments; players and orgs spend significant amounts to compete, yet cannot always guarantee results they desire.

Team league gave the game an upsurge for a time, as big streamers supported by extremely devoted fans put on spectacular shows and created meme-worthy moments. Unfortunately, however, this wasn’t enough to keep major orgs alive, and several were forced out.

Now, with less opportunities and prize money on offer for players to promote themselves and less prize pool available to them, the scene has seen something of a slump. Many players are calling upon Blizzard to bring back special cosmetics or card bundles which could contribute to creating a larger overall prize pool for next season’s battle royale competitions.


As esports becomes more mainstream, individuals are investing large sums of money in teams through equity investments to increase productivity and focus on what matters – winning. Many esports organizations have also established gaming houses where players can train together while having all of their living needs taken care of.

Cloud9 Esports is one of the best-known esports teams, boasting rosters in CS:GO, League of Legends, Rocket League and Hearthstone. In particular, their League of Legends squad stands out due to its superior play and diverse roster that features female players who break gender stereotypes.

Fast-paced and entertaining, With its cartoony aesthetic and quirky sense of humor, Fortnite is immensely popular, drawing millions to play it daily and watch live streams on platforms such as Twitch. Regular updates provide variety to its gameplay; although some fans are disappointed that new content arrives slowly.