Buriram United Esports Wins Group Red at PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022

Muangthong United are well-known for their longstanding Both teams boast successful histories of domestic trophy PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022, commonly referred to as PGC 2022, is currently one of the hottest events in…

Buriram United Esports

Buriram United Esports of Thailand finished first place in Group Red of PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 this week, earning four chicken dinners and 137 kills to top their league.

Muangthong United are well-known for their longstanding rivalry. Both teams boast successful histories of domestic trophy success.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022

PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022, commonly referred to as PGC 2022, is currently one of the hottest events in esports. Powerhouses from all regions gather to compete for big money prizes and bragging rights as well as delicious Chicken Dinners!

Turkey’s S2G Esports proved themselves victorious despite not being as dominant as they typically are on most occasions, keeping themselves far ahead of any chasing packs and remaining consistent throughout competition. Nepal’s DRS Gaming proved their resilience with an astounding second place finish – proving all expectations wrong!

The day was full of ups and downs with Chinese teams such as NOVA, 4AM and Wolves showing great games but falling short of winning top honors overall. Two-time champs Nova had a disastrous performance during finals play – hoping they can improve for future events.

PUBG Continental Series 3: Asia Final

After an intense competition week in PUBG Continental Series 3 has concluded. While many teams remain undecided on who will advance to PGC 2022, certain ones have secured their places early.

Petrichor Road and Ghibli Esports qualified directly at PCS6 Asia, while three spots will be determined this weekend by competing teams at Challenger Rumble Season 4 Qualifiers. In addition, Change The Game PGC champions must requalify through Vietnam Series Contender Stage before progressing further with CS.

Buriram United completed an incredible Counter Strike run by defeating V Gaming in an intense final matchup, showing signs of true esports professionalism to earn their place at AIC Finals despite only three matches played so far. This achievement stands as testament to Buriram United’s dedication and hard work on the court of competitive gaming.

EVOS Reborn

EVOS Reborn has made headlines since their inaugural season on PMPL ID with incredible performances that earned them second-place honors.

Geek Fam, who have been impressive throughout the season, defeated them in the grand final despite their best efforts. Though this loss should not indicate their demise, it will no doubt hinder their performance in subsequent grand finals.

The team was comprised of players from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. S1nyo and Bigetron RA were recruited as coaches – both longtime veterans of PUBG Mobile competition. Notably, they won PINC 2019 and PMPL SEA Season 2, as well as earning bronze at PUBG Indonesia KS tournament! Quite an accomplishment!

Thunder Cups

Buriram United Esports have welcomed back two key players following the departure of Che4kz1ng; Godmiao and Jowman both played on its 2020-2021 roster that won PCS APAC 3 and 4.

Team Flash made quite the impression in the Road to AIC 2021 by defeating Korea’s Kwangdong Freecs, North America Sentinels and Brazil Liberty during play-ins – only to fall back against Team Flash in Round 2 with reverse sweep defeat.

Kenyan winger Ayub Timbe is also set to join Buriram United Esports. Timbe, formerly with Vissel Kobe but recently leaving due to not receiving enough playing time, recently left due to lack of playing opportunities and is hoping that joining Buriram United Esports can help them in reaching the Wild Rift SEA Championship grand final or at least provide them with another tournament spot if not.