ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset Overview and First Hand User Review

My Experience with the ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset

As a fan of virtual reality technology, I was excited to try out the ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset. I have used a variety of VR headsets in the past, including the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, but I was curious to see how the ASUS headset would compare.

Design and Comfort

The first thing that struck me about the ASUS headset was its design. It has a sleek, futuristic look that immediately caught my eye. The headset is also surprisingly lightweight, which makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

The head strap is adjustable, which allows me to find the perfect fit for my head. The foam padding on the front of the headset is soft and comfortable, and it does a good job of blocking out external light.

Setup and Installation

Setting up the ASUS headset was a breeze. It comes with a pair of motion controllers, which are easy to pair with the headset. The headset itself connects to a PC through a single cable, so there are no complicated setup procedures to worry about.

The only downside to the setup process is that you need a fairly powerful PC to run the headset. ASUS recommends a PC with at least an Intel Core i5-7200U processor and an NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics card. If your PC doesn’t meet these requirements, you may need to upgrade before you can use the headset.

Performance and Graphics

In my experience, the ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset performs exceptionally well. The headset has a resolution of 1440 x 1440 pixels per eye, which provides clear and sharp visuals. The field of view is also impressive, giving me a fully immersive experience.

The motion controllers are responsive and accurate, which makes it easy to interact with virtual objects. I was particularly impressed with the tracking, which is smooth and accurate. I didn’t experience any lag or judder while wearing the headset, which is a testament to its performance.

Software and Compatibility

The ASUS headset is compatible with a wide range of VR games and applications. It uses the Windows Mixed Reality platform, which provides access to a growing library of VR content. I was able to play a variety of games, including Superhot VR and Beat Saber, without any issues.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all VR games are compatible with the Windows Mixed Reality platform. Some games may require additional setup or tweaking to get them working properly. However, I didn’t encounter any major compatibility issues during my testing.


The ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset is priced competitively compared to other VR headsets on the market. It retails for around $400, which is slightly cheaper than the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Considering the performance and features of the headset, I think it’s a good value for the price.


In my experience, the ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset is a top-notch VR headset that delivers excellent performance and comfort. It’s easy to set up and use, and it provides a fully immersive VR experience. If you’re looking for a high-quality VR headset that won’t break the bank, the ASUS headset is definitely worth considering.

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